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Bomb Squad announces the immediate availability of its newest concept in custom service with “Quick & Dirty Five In Thirty”, a weekly delivery of a turnkey contest that’s been proven to create a reliable opportunity for listening each week that listeners love!

The concept is simple, but unique: Each week, Bomb Squad will send you a fully produced piece (Usually :30 to :40 in length, but can be adjusted to custom fit your show) consisting of 5 song snippets that have been customized, with each one in reference to a specific story from the week’s news.  The stories can be national news, entertainment, or a mixture of both!  And if you’re a custom affiliate, add in a couple stories specific to you/your town/your show, and you’ve got a contest  only you’ll be able to use.  Did the traffic girl almost accidentally burn down the studio when her space heater caught fire (yes, that’s happened)?  Include it in the week’s list of stories!  As an interactive feature, your listeners call in to guess the story that each little snippet is about, which have been edited together as one piece of production, ready to go right out of the box.  As a turnkey contest, it creates appointment listening that can easily be monetized by including advertiser sponsorship!

We’ve spent some time (years, to be exact) producing these for WAXQ/NY & KESZ/Phoenix, just to make sure that we truly on to something & this is what they both have to say about “Quick & Dirty Five In Thirty”:

The Quick and Dirty, 5 in 30 is exactly the type of contest you need in a PPM environment. Participants want to play, and casual listeners want to hear the answers. The positioning will then pull them through the break or song in order to hear the payoff. And that extra 5 minutes might just win you that quarter hour.”  Joe Chistiano / WAXQ NY


“Bomb Squad’s custom song quiz has become a staple for us here in Phoenix.  Besides coming across on-air as an extremely entertaining contest, it sets those all important PPM listening appointments in a fun and creative way!  Thanks Bomb Squad…I plan on naming my next illegitimate child after you :)”  Chad Mitchell, KESZ / Phoenix