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 “Tim & Bryce From Bomb Squad are our “Secret Weapon” for our morning show! From custom Parody songs, to fantastic production elements that make our show, contests and stunts stand out! You should hire them…unless you’re in our market, then never mind…”

D.J. Walker KATM-FM
CMA/ACM Station of the Year 2011/2012

“The Quick and Dirty, 5 in 30 is exactly the type of contest you need in a PPM environment. Participants want to play, and casual listeners want to hear the answers. The positioning will then pull them through the break or song in order to hear the payoff. And that extra 5 minutes might just win you that quarter hour.”  

Joe Christiano/WAXQ, NY

“Bomb Squad never fails to deliver the best topical jingles and bits that helps our show perform so well – freaking LOVE these guys!”

Randy Stein, Executive Producer/ The Fitz Show

“If we could only have one service we’d pick Bomb Squad!  Hands down the best service out there.  They can take a good bit and make it a GREAT bit by adding original audio that nobody else can do.”

Ryno, “Ryno & Tracy”/KYGO, Denver

“When we’re developing content for our show, the one thing we know will ALWAYS bring us to a higher lever is the creativity of Bomb Squad.  They are incredibly dedicated to our show and strive to get us exactly what we are looking for.  We couldn’t ask for a better partnership!”

Tracy Dixon, “Ryno & Tracy”/KYGO, Denver

“Simply brilliant. Bombsquad does the work, and we take full credit. Thanks for making us look good!”

Paul and Young Ron Show / WBGG

“Bomb Squad Radio is the best, and most responsive service I’ve ever used.  It’s like having another member of your show – one who is great at production, AND adding the creative element that separates you from your competition. Total pros. I’d recommend them to anyone…” 
Greg Kretschmar / Greg & The Morning Buzz / WHEB

“Astounding talent! Bomb Squad blows us away AND they customize for our market; we come out looking like geniuses! Bomb Squad is a very valuable tool for the Paul and Al Show!”  

Paul & Al / WHJY Providence

“After 25 years of hosting major market morning shows in Toronto and San Diego I can tell you that there is not a better creative resource available then Bombsquad. Their creativity and talent has been instrumental in out innovating my competition time and time again. They create content that is truly unique and buzz worthy. I would not do a morning show without them!”
Cliff Dumas / CMA and ACM winning morning host
“Even if you’re not the most creative person on air , just come up with an idea , Bomb Squad will finish it for your show. The turn around is next day ready and they’re PPM friendly for the bigger markets. Love em !”  
Dave McKay / WQYK Tampa